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Neverwinter's new DLC Ravenloft has a confirmed date now

Published: 15:37, 11 May 2018
Cryptic Studios
An elf is looking at the setting sun above a small town.

Perfect World have announced that the new DLC, or module as they call it, for their MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter will be arriving on 26 June 2018. The announcement was accompanied by a small teaser trailer previewing Barovia.

Ravenloft will be the 14th "module" for Neverwinter, and it will transport players to the "gothic horror setting of Barovia", which is a fancy way of saying players will be sent to grind vampires for daily quests in a new map called Barovia. 

According to Perfect World and Cryptic Studios, the DLC will bring "unique gameplay features that tie in to the dark domain of Ravenloft". Ravenloft is apparently ruled by a vampire named Strahd, who will no doubt appear during the DLC's campaign.

There DLC will also include the Adventure Zone of Barovia, Tarokka Card Readings by Madame Eva, Heroic Encounters, an endgame dungeon named Castle Ravenloft and "meaningful" day-to-night transitions. The meaningful part of the last feature will likely refer to vampire's inability to tolerate the sun, so it will be interesting how these transitions impact the gameplay.

Players will engage the adventures leading them to Barovia by going to Madame Eva for a Tarokka Card reading after some unwanted guests appear. It appears Strahd von Zarovich isn't big on sunshine and rainbows attitude as he named the lands he rules "Domains of Dread". The story of Strahd's domain will unfold through quests and instances.

Players' fears of repetitive quests may come to life as Perfect World have also announced "repeatable adventures with newly designed Monster Hunts and Heroic Encounters" where players will be tasked with destroying certain creatures. These sound like generic "kill x amount of y creature" quests, but nothing has been shown yet.

Cryptic Studios Some dude or dudette in Neverwinter is shooting arrows around Neverwinter

It was also announced that the campaign's story will culminate in castle Ravenloft, presumably with a face-off against Austrian Name von Slavic Surname vampire lord himself. It may also be worth mentioning that Ravenloft's release date is confirmed for PC only.

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