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LeVar Burton returns in Season 14 of Star Trek Online

Published: 17:05, 03 October 2017
Updated: 20:31, 05 August 2018
Cryptic Studios
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online for PC received a seasonal "Emergence" update adding a new colony world to the game which players will be able to explore accompanied by Starfleet Captain Geordi La Forge voiced by LeVar Burton. Console update to follow.

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios want you to know that Season 14 - Emergence is now available for the PC version of Star Trek Online. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get their versions at a later date. Don't shoot the messenger.

In this update players will explore a vast new colony world accompanied by Starfleet Captain Geordi La Forge, voiced by LeVar Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You may freak out now.

Cryptic Studios Star Trek Online Star Trek Online

Players can also look forward to the new episode titled "Melting Pot". The new episode features a new colony-based Fleet Holding with five full tiers of leveling, a Tzenkethi Red Alert, two Fleet Holding defense queues, a special fleet-driven colony defense event and a new Primary Specialization called "Miracle Worker".

Season 14 - Emergence opens with "Melting Pot" continuing the story of the intensifying war with the Tzenkethi. According to the press release, Captains will "journey to the Dranuur Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. This brand-new colony world was established by the Kentari and Lukari, who recently joined forces to protect their ancient homeworld from the Tzenkethi. Lukari Captain Kuumaarke (voiced by Kipleigh Brown) and Captain Geordi La Forge (played by LeVar Burton) lead players on a mission to explore the new colony and see the newfound collaborative spirit between the Kentari and Lukari. While the tour and the colony look to be progressing well, the Tzenkethi may have other plans for this world". This all sounds like Elvish to me so I'll leave it to you to figure out if it's exciting or not.

Cryptic Studios Star Trek Online Star Trek Online

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