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Netflix are making Stranger Things game in Pokemon Go style

Published: 13:53, 13 June 2019
artwork showing strangers things game logo and characters
Netflix's Strangers Things

Netflix have officially announced two more games based on their popular TV series Stranger Things. One of these games is a Pokemon Go-style mobile title for Android and iOS. It's made by Next Games and it's coming out sometime in 2020.

Netflix now have two Stranger Things games in development that we know of. On their E3 2019 panel, the streaming giant announced that two more games based on their Stranger Things TV series are in development. 

One of these games is an augmented reality title in Pokemon Go style. It's coming to mobile, both Android and iOS systems and it will revolve around The Upside Down, which is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world in the TV series. Apparently, players will have to work together with their friends to prevent evil creatures from escaping it.

The game is being made by Next Games, who brought us The Walking Dead Our World, another augmented reality game. Unfortunately, there is no specific release date at the moment but Netflix did say that Stranger Things mobile game should launch sometime in 2020.

As for the other announced title, Stranger Things 3: The Game, it's an old school isometric action adventure coming to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. The game supports local co-op and it features 12 playable characters including the familiar gang from the show. It's set to release on 04 July 2019, to celebrate the release of a new season of Stranger Things TV series.

Furthermore, Netflix also confirmed that they are working with Epic Games to bring Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover event to popular battle royale game. The release date is yet to be confirmed but this one should probably arrive around 04 July 2019 as well. Netflix only said there's more to come pretty soon.

Netflix Poster for Netflix show Stranger Things Stranger Things

You can check Netflix's E3 2019 panel , and for more news about streaming platform and their game-related plans, check out the latest on , that recently finished with the filming.

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