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Rumour: Naughty Dog's new game is steampunk action-adventure

Published: 13:55, 27 July 2019
Naughty Dog
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The Last of Us Part 2 - Ellie

According to the latest leak that originally appeared on 4Chan, Naughty Dog's new game is a first-person action-adventure, set in a steampunk universe. It's currently codenamed Stray's Cross and it features a male and female protagonist.

Naughty Dog are currently busy with the upcoming action-adventure The Last of Us 2, which, according to some rumours is set to release in early 2020. However, new leak suggests that the devs also have another high-profile title in development.

The leak originally appeared on 4Chan and was shared on Reddit so take it with a huge grain of salt. That being said, some rumours that originated on the controversial website turned out to be true, which could also be the case with this one.

Apparently, Naughty Dog's new IP will arrive to PlayStation 5 and it's far from being finished. At the moment, the code name of the project is Stray's Cross. It's an action-adventure game in the first-person perspective and it will be set in a steampunk universe.

Furthermore, Stray's Cross will have two protagonists. The first one is a female scientist, described in the post as a talented scholar, fascinated by space-time science that discovers confidential documents that will lead her to discover a hidden truth, much bigger than she could imagine.

The second protagonist is a male character, he's a wanted criminal, who was a construction worker, unjustly arrested for protecting a wanted friend during a shootout against the police.

As for the plot, the leaker claims that Stray's Cross is about a secret conflict that lasted entire ages, and how this conflict will lead to the inevitable ruin of human society. The story begins with the casual meeting of the two protagonists, in completely different circumstances, who will soon find themselves having to work together to get what they are looking for.

Naughty Dog Screenshot from The Last of Us Part 2 reveal showing the benefits of treehuggers The Last of Us: Part 2

To us, the game sounds like a combination of Dishonored, Bioshock and Assassin's Creed, which is obviously a good thing. The leak claims that the information about the game was recently revealed during a meeting between Sony and Naughty Dog, and that it was shared to the leaker via an inside source at Naughty Dog.

The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last Of Us Part 2

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