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Mutant Year Zero will be part of Xbox Game Pass on release

Published: 19:35, 14 November 2018
Updated: 07:21, 15 November 2018
Four people and mutants are drinking in a post apocalyptic bar
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero is coming on 04 December 2018 simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Funcom have announced that the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass service from day one, so Xbox users may not even have to buy it.

Granted, Mutant Year Zero will only be available as part of Xbox Game Pass as long as your subscription lasts, so it really depends on whether a player prefers renting or outright buying the game. For those who prefer paying to have their goods available permanently, the price of the standard edition will be $34,99 / €34,99 / ~£30,49. 

Digital Deluxe will include a wallpaper, soundtrack, digital art book and a digital Mutant Year Zero pen-and-paper RPG book. Pre-ordering any of the editions will net players three-day early access, but Deluxe edition owners will also gain access to the beta and its forums.

As per usual, we urge players to hold onto their wallets until they see reviews and gameplay once Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden gets released. Pre-ordering generally means jumping in blindly but added vigilance is advised, due to the recent shenanigans pulled by Activision in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 where they introduced fairly greedy microtransactions just after the review wave passed.

For those not yet aware of what Mutant Year Zero is, it is a turn-based tactics game with where players take control of the three available characters - Bormin, Dux and Salma. Despite Bormin and Dux essentially being bipedal humanoid animals, they used to be simple humans and are now just as mutated as Salma, who retained much of her human appearance.

Funcom Picture of a humanoid duck flying while shooting explosive bolts on enemies Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Many outlets and fans are calling the game an XCOM lookalike, but it may prove to be a bit different, with more emphasis on evolving and mutating your characters into different builds and no ant farm base to worry about. Most of the gameplay mechanics still remain to be seen in action though, but you can check the for more info.

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