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Funcom are releasing the first Conan Exiles paid cosmetic DLC

Published: 08:03, 21 June 2018
Two people are fighting in the Exiled Lands while dressed as native american and stuff
Conan Exiles

Even though the Royal Armour was technically the first DLC available in Conan Exiles, The Imperial East Pack will be the first post launch DLC. Funcom have announced the pack's pricing and that the first preview will happen on 22 June 2018.

Funcom have priced The Imperial East Pack at $9,99 / €9,99 / £7,99 and stressed the DLC will be completely cosmetic. These cosmetics will come as three sets of armour - light, medium and heavy, as seen on the picture below, as well as new weapons and placeable objects. The armour sets will be called Khitan Mercenary Armour, which is the light set, Khitan Officer Armour as medium and Khitan Imerial Armour as the heavy armour set.

All three sets will be craftable from level 10 and the epic version will be available at level 60 while naturally requiring the epic tier materials to craft. There will also be 11 new weapons that will be available in iron and starmetal tiers, but they will keep stats appropriate for those tiers in order to keep things cosmetic-only. You can check the first look at nine of these weapons on .

The Imperial East Pack will also add 25 new placeable items if players crave some Ming dynasty vases to pimp their crib. Well, we don't have any confirmation of the Ming dynasty pottery but they will also be themed after culture from Imperial China. Five new decorative warpaints will make an appearance and Chinese-looking tier 3 building pieces will be made available.

This DLC pack will be available on Friday, 22 June 2018, the same day when Funcom is showcasing it on their . Steam Summer Sale will not bypass Conan Exiles either and the game will be available with a 40 per cent off discount for a week.

Meanwhile, you can read up on Funcom's attempts to diversify the combat by adding throwable axes into the melee combo and other planned changes on .

Funcom Picture of the new cosmetic items coming to Conan Exiles Conan Exiles

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