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Epic Games ban more than 1,000 Fortnite: World Cup cheaters

Published: 17:57, 20 April 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite, Season 8

Despite having kicked off Fortnite: World Cup one week ago, Epic Games have already banned more than a thousand cheaters, one of whom actually cheated in semi-finals. Obviously, one million dollars each week is a strong cheat motivator.

Let us first extend our compliments to Epic's monitoring team, who have managed to nab exactly 1,163 cheaters since the World Cup on 13 April 2019, which is quite the feat.

"Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified and penalized. Penalties may include a warning, a temporary competitive ban (duration will be determined by Epic), removal from competitive play permanently, or a permanent ban from Fortnite. Penalties may be escalated if an account has received prior penalties in tournaments", Epic wrote.

In the case of the afforementioned1163 Fortnite cheaters, they received a 14-day ban.

Note that not all of the cheaters cheated in the traditional sense of the word, meaning they didn't use aimbots or anything. They did, however, try to circumvent region locks, which would increase their chances of winning.

Epic said that 196 cheaters were actually prize winners, although 'were' is the key word here. Another batch of bans went out for 48 Fortnite players who were caught account sharing, nine of whom were actual prize winners. 

A total of eight Fortnite accounts have been banned for teaming, one of whom was a prize winner. Epic even gave a 72-hour competitive ban to a player who purposefully disconnected from a game so that his competitor doesn't get points.

Still, the star of this batch of bans is the player who was brave enough to attempt cheating in the semifinals. "This account played for less than five minutes in the tournament before being banned", the company wrote.

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Sweeney and Co will soon be rolling out a new teaming-detection algorithm into competitive Fortnite play, which will complement the existing, offline one.

The teaming-detection won't work in custom matches though, as the dev wants to allow creators much greater freedom.

You can find Epic's full post .

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