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Mordhau gives players 10k gold compensation for rocky launch

Published: 07:16, 09 May 2019
mordhau screenshot showing an arm holding a sword in a battlefield

Mordhau, a medieval melee action online game from Triternion has received a patch which tackles a couple of issues that appeared in the game's launch week. The dev added some improvements to matchmaking and made joining to server easier.

Just over a week ago, Slovenian based independent studio Triternion launched their first ever game named Modrhau. It's an online melee action title similar to Chivalry Medieval Warfare from Torn Banner Studios and it sold more than 500k copies in its first week.

While the small development team are certainly happy to see their game doing well, the success of their creation also brought a very high number of players which resulted in flooded servers and some matchmaking issues.

To tackle these issues, Triternion already released a couple of patches, which mainly focused on server stability and minor tweaks. In their latest update, the devs are rolling out the gold compensation for the game's rocky launch.

As explained in the full patch notes, the gift comes in the form of 10k gold which you can choose to accept or decline when you enter the game. The choice is there just for the sake of it, we suggest you definitely take the coins.

The devs say that they have no way to know who was affected by server issues so the offer is extended to all current players. It's a one-time thing and if you decline to redeem it, it's gone forever. You will be able to claim the gold until Sunday, 12 May 2019.

Along with the gold, the patch also brings matchmaking and server improvements, which some player will find to be more valuable than virtual coins. Now, once you decide to join a server you'll reserve a slot in advance, fixing the issue of being booted after loading.

There are also some fixes for the game mode, audio, visual and UI bugs. The devs fixed the issues where players were able to get out of bounds on Mountain Peak map and weapons/projectiles should no longer collide with bounds on certain maps.

Triternion mordhau screenshot showing a soldier on a horse charging at two enemies Mordhau

If you want to take a detailed look at all changes and improvements in patch #04, the full patch notes are available on Mordhau .

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