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Monster Hunter: World roadmap has PC, PS4 and Xbox One syncing up in April

Published: 11:41, 19 January 2020
Updated: 11:51, 19 January 2020
Mhw iceborne screenshot showing decorations in the hub
Decorations are spot on

Ever since it launched on Steam for PC, Monster Hunter: World has been lagging behind its console brethren but Capcom are fixing to address that. According to the roadmap, you can expect a unified update schedule come April 2020.

Naturally, there's much more here than just a unified schedule, but it's definitely good news for PC users, because to say that they've felt a bit ignored by Capcom is an understatement. Okay, enough crying, let's dig into the good stuff. 

Monster Hunter: World players can look forward to Grand Appreciation Fest from 24 January to 13 February on all platforms. The event traditionally adds a bunch of cosmetics along with some familiar monster faces. 

On the console side of things, February and March will feature Special Event Quests and 2X Variant Monsters, respectively, the latter coming as part of Title Update 3. 

As for Monster Hunter: World's PC players, February will see the addition of Title Update 1, which brings Rajang and Guiding Lands Volcanic Region. Capcom's Resident Evil-flavoured Racoon City Collaboration comes at this time as well. Come March, PC is getting Stygian Zinogre, Safi'jiva and Guiding Lands Tundra Region. 

In April, covering patch notes will be a whole lot easier as Capcom will finally sync console and PC versions of Monster Hunter: World. Before that, however, PC will get the Title Update 3 and 2X Variant Monsters. The dev also promises new Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of existing monsters and Astera / Seliana Fest. 

Capcom Slide showing Monster Hunter: World roadmap Monster Hunter: World roadmap

Looking forward, Monster Hunter: World players - all of them - are getting the "return of a fan-favourite monster" in May. June and onwards is reserved for new monsters and updates, but there's plenty to digest until then, when we should get more updates.

Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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Monster Hunter: World

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