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Monster Hunter World launches on PC, Capcom stock doesn't bounce

Published: 17:17, 09 August 2018
Spoof picture of Monster Hunter World promotional art with Capcom's falling stock
Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter has launched on PC, and quite successfully as it drew in a mass of players less than an hour into launch. This success seemingly didn't help Capcom that much though as their stock is still falling off or stagnating.

According to SteamDB, Monster Hunter World was populated by 80.390 concurrent players just 45 minutes after the game's launch on PC. These numbers are stellar and will likely keep growing for a while, which could result in Monster Hunter World quickly becoming one of the most played games on Steam, provided it retains the player base.

Every coin has two sides though, and Capcom's uglier side is that their stock is not growing in value, regardless of Monster Hunter World's attraction on PC. Their stock was worth 2.898 Japanese Yen or $26,12 / £20,33, and has been in decline since 03 August 2018, with a few jumps in between. It was valued at 3.025 Yen or $27,27 / £21,22 at its peak.

Not everything is gloomy though, as Capcom are still in good position when looking back one month or longer, as even the week's lowest is a considerable growth when compared with 11 July 2018 when the stock was priced at 2.496 Yen or $22,50 / £17,51.

The stock will likely go up due to Monster Hunter World's popularity on PC though, as the game has literally jumped to 122.371 concurrent players in the small time window between writing our note about 80.390 concurrent players and this sentence.

Monster Hunter World may still be ways off to reach Steam's concurrent player count hard hitters like Dota 2 and PUBG, but considering the amount of attention Capcom gave their golden goose, as opposed to the flimsy development PUBG suffered at the hands of Bluehole, the game may be on a good way towards the top of the ladder.

Capcom A gargantuan reptilian creature holding another creature in jaws Monster Hunter: World

If you prefer video game statistics over the stock ones, it may be wise to keep an eye on the way Monster Hunter World's player count behaves on or how it measures up on Steam. It was sitting in #4 spot behind CS:GO at the time of writing.

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Monster Hunter World
Capcom's Monster Hunter World has a variety of monsters to fight, with more being added every now and then for free

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