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Capcom hits most profitable year thanks to Monster Hunter: World

Published: 15:03, 08 May 2018
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Monster Hunter: World is getting a seasoned pro, eh?

Monster Hunter: World has had quite a start to its career and the positive effects clearly showed on Capcom's books, with the company announcing the year 2018 to be the fifth consecutive year of growth for the popular Japanese publisher.

In fact, 2018 has proven to be the most successful year ever for the company, with analysts and Capcom pointing fingers at Monster Hunter: World.

Indeed, Monster Hunter: World has already hit a landmark of sometime in March 2018 and it's said that it exceeded 7.9 million by now.

In the financial year ending in March 2018, the company's net sales were up 8.4 per cent. Over the same period, its operating and ordinary income rose by 17.5 and 21.2 per cent, respectively.

Capcom wasted little time in announcing that all their profitability numbers downstream from operating income have set record highs for the company. They scored pretty well on Nintendo's turf as well, with Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers and Monster Hunter XX spearheading Capcom's sales on the Switch.

It is said that Capcom's gaming business helped compensate for the losses in the amusement equipment department. Having said that, the company is planning on expanding its digital content business as well as increase their major release output.

Interestingly, despite Monster Hunter: World's success and title of Capcom's best selling game, it is far from becoming the company's best selling franchise.

As you probably could've guessed yourself, their most lucrative franchise is still Resident Evil, which has sold more than 82 million copies since it debuted back in 1996. Resident Evil 5 accounted for 7.3 million of this figure. Monster Hunter franchise comes in second with 48 million sold copies, while Street Fighter is in third place with only 40 million.

Capcom Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World has finally made a worthwhile splash in Western markets and Capcom is most certainly riding that wave. The game has already conquered its fair share of charts and in case you haven't caught our review, you can .

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