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Capcom post record results, Monster Hunter: World leads the way

Published: 13:36, 04 February 2019
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Monster Hunter: World

Capcom have posted their consolidated report for the period between 01 April and 31 December 2018, and the company have plenty to be optimistic about. The main highlight is, of course, Monster Hunter: World for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Capcom said that the nine months leading up to 31 December 2018 saw the gaming industry grow in a "steady yet uneven" manner, not least helped by the Chinese video game regulations, which ultimately reflected on the industry as a whole.

Thankfully for Capcom, this only made Monster Hunter: World's results all the more impressive. Furthermore, this year's results have the PC version to account for as well, as the game launched on Steam in August 2017.

Not that it needed help in the 'looking good' department though, as Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter: World has surpassed 10 million shipments on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam platforms, "marking a record high for any single title in the Company’s history."

The report pegs consolidated net sales at 61,270 million yen, which is a 28.3 per cent increase for the same period last year. Capcom's operating income soared to 13,461, which is a 92 per cent increase, while its ordinary income went up to 13,539, which is a 90.7 per cent increase.

Capcom mentioned that Monster Hunter: World's "Steam version for PC boosted profits", where the lack of usual PR superlatives suggests it's not quite on par with consoles, which isn't really surprising.

After all, Monster Hunter: World's port to PC was such a shoddy affair that Tencent off of their distribution platform WeGame. We can't say the Steam version is doing much better, as Capcom's dev team took six months to implement two features requested from the start - ultrawide displays and audio.

Capcom I'll send an SOS to the world

We're not the ones to spoil Capcom's fun and we'd really love to see Monster Hunter: World's Steam version live up to the reputation set on consoles and the company will surely get their chance, what with and the new expansion coming up on 08 February and autumn 2019, respectively.

You can find Capcom's report .

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