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Monster Hunter: World leaked PC requirements to be official today

Published: 12:21, 09 July 2018
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Monster Hunter World

Capcom announced they would reveal Monster Hunter World PC requirements and release date on 09 July 2018, but the requirements were leaked this weekend, when WeGame, a Chinese store owned by Tencent accidentally beat Capcom to it.

Capcom's announcement that they will announce system requirement and release date for PC came on 07 July 2018, but was promptly somewhat ruined by the leak. The leak itself originated on a Chinese game store , on a page for Monster Hunter: World that has been deleted since.

Then again, this is the internet so anything that spends a millisecond online becomes permanently public, as someone is bound to take a screenshot or save a leaked file. Such was the case with the PC specs, as a Chinese game journalist took pictures of minimum and recommended specifications, later posting them on his .

The system requirements don't seem to be anything extravagant as even the recommended settings ask for an i7 3770 CPU and GTX 1060 GPU, both of which can be considered mid-grade components today. RAM requirement is also fairly low, standing at just 8GB for both minimum and recommended specs, and the game will eat up 25 GB of your disk.

These requirements are bound to become official later today, when Capcom announce them along with a release date and distribution platform for PC. The mentions just a single platform, meaning it's most likely exclusively Steam or GoG, with the former having a higher chance of being Capcom's platform of choice due to its popularity.

The introduction of Monster Hunter: World to PC immediately sparked talk of cross-play between fans, with many of them worried about whether it will exist at all due to big bad Sony.

This will actually depend on more on Capcom than Sony, as evidenced with Fortnite and Fallout 76 previously. Epic Games still made cross play between PS4 and PC possible, as well as between PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Bethesda didn't bother with cross play at all and simply blamed Sony for it.

Capcom An elder dragon in MHW Monster Hunter World - Elder Dragons

Considering that Monster Hunter: World is not a fast paced shooter, cross-play between PC and consoles would indeed be great feature to have, with everyone on fairly equal ground. Just bear in mind that cross play between PS4 and Nintendo Switch or Xbox One will not happen, because that's the part that Sony is actively blocking.

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