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Mitsubishi withdraws Blizzard sponsorship following Hearthstone controversy

Published: 12:06, 30 October 2019
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Activision Blizzard are feeling the ripples caused by their decisions regarding the situation with Hearthstone champion, Blitzchung through both public condemnation and failing partnerships. One former partner, Mitsubishi, withdrew their sponsorship following the events.

Blitzchung's open support for Hong Kong got him banned from Hearthstone pro scene and his winnings were initially taken away. Following the massive backlash, Blizzard decided to reinstate his winnings but the damage had already been done as the company further ruined their public image in favour of maybe keeping the Chinese market open for business.

It now appears that it is not only the fans who felt Activision Blizzard's relentless pursuit of the mighty dollar was overstepping its boundaries. Two days after the initial punishment for Blitzchung was issued by Blizzard, Mitsubishi pulled their sponsorship of Hearthstone's pro league.

Fans noticed this immediately when it happened but the fact was not confirmed until recently when a Mitsubishi spokesperson Erica Rasch the sponsorship indeed ended.

Considering the championship where Blitzchung spoke out about the protests was happening in Taiwan and Mitsubishi's sponsorship went through the Taiwan branch of the company, it's not hard to imagine why a decent portion of the local population would share Blitzchung's sentiments as Taiwan and Hong Kong are in roughly similar situations.

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Blizzard are still in hot water, following the whole debacle, mere days before their annual convention, BlizzCon, kicks off. There are announcements of during the conventions and should the turn out to be true, the whole event could turn into an unprecedented mess.

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