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Minecraft to stop supporting older consoles after update Aquatic

Published: 20:39, 04 May 2018
Blocky human and a shark are swimming through blocky water in Minecraft
Minecraft update Aquatic

Bad news have emerged for owners of PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PS Vita as Mincraft's developers announced there will be no more support for those platforms after update Aquatic lands. There is still no confirmed date for Aquatic though.

According to Minecraft's developers, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PS Vita users make up only about five per cent of Minecraft's player base. The developers have chosen to reallocate resources in order to bring more support to the platforms where the majority of players are. PlayStation 4, Windows 10 and mobiles versions will continue to receive updates.

Meanwhile, Xbox One and Switch versions will not receive the update directly. Owners of the older versions of Minecraft can upgrade to Bedrock version for free and this is the one that will keep getting updated. Xbox One users can download the upgraded version from Microsoft Store and Switch users will receive the same update as a patch to their older game.

Legacy console support was expected but the hidden cause of this resource reallocation coming sooner rather than later may be the bumps Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics update and Switch cross-play support hit a few months back. 

Update Aquatic will be massive in scale as it will add trapdoors, pressure plates and buttons for five types of wood other than oak. New coral and kelp are just two in a pile of blocks will make an appearance. Trident will be among the new items, alongside turtle shells, potions and arrows of turtle master and slow falling and buried treasure explorer maps.

Slow falling and Conduit power will be the two new status effects. First one is self explanatory but the second one will allow players to have better vision, mine faster and not drown underwater. A full list of updates and new features in Aquatic can be seen on

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As I previously stated, there is no set release date for Update Aquatic, but the official statement says it will be some time during Q2 2018. We're nearly half way through the quarter so the last update for legacy consoles should be less than two months away.

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