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Minecraft Story Mode season 2 is on its way

Published: 12:05, 05 June 2017
Minecraft: Story Mode

The first episode of the second season of Minecraft's Story Mode will be called Hero in Residence. A listing for the game has popped up on Australia's ratings board and is classified as PG (Mild fantasy themes and violence).

While Telxvi is sitting and pondering the perfect irony of cramming a pre-crafted linear story into what is ultimately a game about creative self-expression, Telltale Games have gotten a for the next instalment of their Story Mode for Minecraft.

It would have been a real surprise and display of vast artistic testicular circumference if the game somehow showed up on the listing rated X, but the odds of that happening are somewhere in the same area as a quadruple lightning strike. 

Mojang Minecraft Minecraft

Since the first episode of the new season has now been rated, we can safely assume that a fair portion of the game is already completed. There is no official information on a release window, but with E3 at our doorstep, more info might be coming soon.

Microsoft has paid $2,5 billion for Minecraft, and you can bet your life savings on them milking every last drop of profits out of the game. It's still unclear whether Microsoft has broken even since the purchase yet, but there is no better way to assure that than through an episodic drip-feed approach to content delivery.

Mojang Minecraft - Glide Minecraft - Glide

Tell soccer mom that you have a PG rated educational Saturday morning cartoon-like video game for her kids; add Minecraft's trademark creativity fostering mechanics and the recent push to get the thing into classrooms, and she will end up buying three copies in case her toddler manages to somehow break one.

, Notch along with most of Mojang have left the game in Microsoft's hands completely unattended.

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