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Microtransactions are coming to Battlefield 2042

Published: 08:26, 25 April 2022
Battlefield 2042 - Boris Santa skin
Battlefield 2042 - Boris Santa skin

 Data miner temporyal have discovered new skins, bundles and more in the files of the most recent Battlefield 2042 update. 

After an underwhelming launch, DICE have managed to deliver a couple of major updates to  Battlefield 2042 which fixed many bugs, added features like the scoreboard and reworked weapon attachments among other things. 

The devs are also working on a more substantial update that will change certain zones on Renewal and Kaleidoscope maps, providing more cover, and closing low usage areas for an overall better gameplay experience. 

After these updates, it looks like EA and DICE could be introducing microtransactions to Battlefield 2042. Surely, It wouldn't be smart to implement these before fixing the game since that would make the community go berserk, as it already happened with the infamous Santa skin, so EA and DICE are probably saving microtransactions for later. 

Data miner temporyal has discovered that new skins, bundles, and premium currency packages are included in the update 4.0 files, which he was able to data mine recently. You can check out some of the data mined skins in the image below.

temporyal Battlefield 2042 - Datamined store items Battlefield 2042 - Datamined store items

So, when exactly will these go live? Well, devs usually add such content to the game near the release, so expect these in the coming weeks. 

EA are yet to officially announce that the in-game store is getting microtransactions but given that these are already in the game, only hidden, we assume an announcement could be coming soon. 

We wouldn't be surprised if EA introduce these items quietly to avoid backlash from the community. 

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