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Microsoft reportedly planning a video presentation to clarify Bethesda's Game Pass future

Published: 10:13, 09 March 2021
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Following the official greenlighting of the Microsoft-ZeniMax deal, it has been reported that the former will have a video presentation to clarify what the deal means for Bethesda.

As reported by Games Beat, Microsoft will be diving deeper into what their acquisition means for Bethesda on Thursday, March 11, 2021, and the company will be doing it with a video presentation. 

The buying of Bethesda has left many unanswered questions, albeit chiefly to players, and it just so happens that a number of them are from the PlayStation side of the proverbial fence.

There have already been questions on whether PlayStation users should forget about The Elder Scrolls IV, which is the sort of question Microsoft should be answering on Thursday. 

Furthermore, Microsoft is expected to discuss the Bethesda games that will be heading for Game Pass, and reiterating their intention for each title to hit their subscription service at launch.

Note, however, that there won't be any talk on specifics of the development of Bethesda's current games, meaning we'll have to wait longer for our The Elder Scrolls IV and Starfield fix. Games Beat claim we should learn more about the two in summer, although that too could be too optimistic considering how enthusiastically Bethesda squashed any notions of a preview or, god forbid, a demo anytime soon. 

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Either way, Game Pass subscribers, especially those that are fond of Bethesda's games, shouldn't be missing out on the presentation, even if they're not unclear on the companies' future relationship. One thing is for certain - Game Pass is increasingly the place to be when it comes to gaming, 

You can find Games Beat's report here .

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