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New info drops for Metro: Exodus' factions, hazards and mutants

Published: 12:03, 19 June 2018
4A Games
Screenshot of a mutant from the upcoming Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro: Exodus is the third, highly anticipated installment in the Metro series and information on it was scarce until 4A Games showed an E3 gameplay demo which was later followed by more information about mutants, hazards and factions.

Metro Exodus' official website now offers more insight into the creatures that inhabit the surface world of the Metro universe. Familiar faces of the not-so-friendly neighbourhood Watchmen and Demons were among the first creatures whose descriptions were added. 

Watchman will apparently remain the most common mutant we will meet in nuke ravaged Russia. They will mostly be running in packs since they're not much challenge in single combat. The site does warn future players that if they meet a lone Watchman, it will likely be a sentry that will call for reinforcements if Artyom doesn't dispatch them before being noticed.

Demons will return once again in order to make living miserable for anyone they spot. They are still described as one of the deadliest creatures around and 4A Games suggest that players steer clear from this winged ticking clock of death. If it does spot the player, it will attempt to pick them up in the air so it's best to look out for areas with roofs.

There will also be new creatures, such as the giant thing that comes out of the water during the opening sequence in the trailer above, but unfortunately, 4A Games didn't offer any information on them, but they did mention the Humanimals. They are the degenerated versions of human beings and their behaviour is described as that of apes. Sounds like Stalin finally got .

4A Games Screenshot of a humanimal from Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

The factions that were revealed so far are the Hanza, who made appearances in previous games and the Fanatics. The latter are somewhat of a cult that blames technology for the overall nuclear winter wonderland situation, so they use candles instead of lightbulbs. It is unknown if they're cursing the days Tesla and Edison were born but one might imagine so.

Just as with the mutants and factions, the revealed hazards in Metro Exodus comprise of one that was present in previous games, which is radiation, and one that is a new addition - anomalies. Considering 4A Games also added as a faction, it may be time to cue the Hardbass Anthem.

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