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Medieval city builder Manor Lords finds a publisher in Hooded Horse

Published: 13:42, 02 June 2022
Slavic Magic
Manor Lords is developed by a single dev
Manor Lords is developed by a single dev

Upcoming city-building strategy Manor Lords is looking better than ever and now has a publisher. 

In case you've never heard of Manor Lords we don't blame you. It's a fairly unknown project in the mainstream gaming circles but hardcore PC gaming community who enjoy strategy games are eagerly awaiting to hear more about the game and its release date.

Today, Manor Lords devs Slavic Magic announced that they have found a publisher for Manor Lords. The game will be published by Hooded Horse. Sadly, this does not mean it's coming anytime sooner but the dev says they will be able to squeeze more quality into the game thanks to the partnership.

"It's a strategy game publisher. Manor Lords will get more languages, more funds for development and better marketing. No NFT loot box bullshit," they tweeted.

Slavic Magic Manor Lords promises high fidelity visuals Manor Lords promises high fidelity visuals

That's a lot of good news that the PC community will certainly appreciate. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Manor Lords in the coming months. Perhaps a gameplay demo or deep dive into the mechanics. 

The dev have been sharing some snippets of gameplay, development process and art over their Twitter so make sure to give them a follow for the latest updates on Manor Lords.  

Manor Lords description:

Build realistic towns that grow organically, create trade routes and supply lines, and engage in real-time battles involving soldiers, cavalry, fortications, and siege engines in this medieval city builder with large scale tactical battles.Manor Lords development started in Poland.

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