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Overwatch PTR says McCree will get buffed and D.Va nerfed

Published: 18:48, 24 May 2019
Overwatch - Epic McCree skin
Overwatch - Epic McCree skin

D.Va is about to get hit with the nerf hammer as her Defence Matrix gets lower range while McCree should flourish with the next Overwatch update. Meanwhile, Baptiste enjoyed a buff as well, suggesting Blizzard like bunker compositions now.

Blizzard have revealed the new PTR patch notes full of changes. One that will definitely shake up the meta is the nerf to D.Va's Defence Matrix range. It will now have 10 meters range as opposed to 15 which translates into a massive 33 per cent range decrease.

Regular queues shouldn't feel much change or they might dislike D.Va even more since the hero thrives in high-level coordination but one thing is certain - she will have to expose herself more in order to eat up crucial damage dealing abilities. Furthermore, she will have a harder time eating Pharah ults.

Meanwhile, everyone's favourite outlaw-turned-Overwatch-agent, Jesse McCree is about to see a buff to his primary fire, following the major buff to Fan the Hammer. Left click fire will now be able to shoot every 0.4 seconds instead of 0.5 which is equal to a 20 per cent increase in fire rate.

This could potentially mean he will have an easier time dealing with the likes of Pharmercy or even tanks that are not shielded. The increase in firing speed essentially means it will take McCree 0.8 seconds to kill a Tracer that is not in range of flashbangs or Fan the Hammer or even in the optimal range of his primary fire.

Baptiste is another hero that is about to receive a boost. His weapon will now hold 12 healing shots per magazine instead of 10 and his ultimate will last for 10 seconds instead of 8.

Blizzard Picture of the Talon Baptiste skin in Overwatch Overwatch - Talon Baptiste

Prolonged healing between reloads should make him a top tier support but he will still have to rely on a second healer to take care of him. Meanwhile, the longer duration of his Amplification Field will translate into more broken shields, especially if there is a Bastion or the newly buffed McCree behind it.

You can read the full on the official Blizzard forums.

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