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Maxing out strength in New World will lead you to buggy interactions

Published: 13:10, 13 October 2021
Amazon Games
New World screenshot showing a fight
Swinging that hammer will not improve with higher strength stats

Min-maxing has always been the way of life for an average MMO player. New World is no different, or it should be. Players have found that reaching a threshold of strength does not, in fact, make your character stronger.

The milestone of reaching 250 strength is something strength-based DPS players are looking forward to in New World. This milestone should grant faster stamina regen during light and heavy attacks, yet what it really does, players complain, is lock you into some of the longest animations ever seen.

As of right now, this is not even on the known issues list so it probably won't be fixed any time soon, and some players are just glad that they are not the only ones noticing the issue, and are not just imagining it.

This is clearly not intended, breaks combat animations, as it renders the 250 and 300 STR milestones entirely useless. If you're experiencing this yourself, one of the ways to contribute is to leave a bug report on the forum topic to raise the issue to the devs. Whether or not that will make any difference is another thing, as we all know how efficient, or inefficient Amazon's user support is for the game.

Amazon Games New World New World - At least the Great-Ax will fall off, so there is that

Players speculate that this is the effect of making the game's multipliers and bonuses overly complicated. As most of the bonuses are made to be unusable aside from some very specific scenarios, balancing the game will come easier to developers in this way, and the power creep won't be as big until they have time to make some new content.

In any case, players are also reporting other perks and bonuses that do not apply properly on the Reddit thread that started the discussion, and hopefully, New World developers will catch wind of this and focus on resolving the issues.

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