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Looks like Master Chief is going to join Kratos in Fortnite

Published: 08:36, 04 December 2020
Halo Infinite screenshot showing master chief
Halo Infinite

After Mandalorian, Kratos and everything else Fortnite's season 5 has already introduced, we could now be getting a Master Chief Fortnite skin. The Chief, along with some Halo-themed cosmetics should be officially announced soon.

Fortnite's Season 5 is now underway with a new Battle Pass, the return of Tilted Towers, a new in-game currency and more. Some data miners have managed to find and leak Season 5's new starter pack, along with a few Christmas skins including the Ginger Renegade.

Kratos has already arrived in the game but now, reports of a Master Chef skin have started swirling around. According to mang0e , the Master Chief skin is coming. The news is all but confirmed as the same dataminer also found a Master Chief texture that was encrypted along with the Kratos Pak.

Master Chief skin in Fortnite

The new Halo skin, along with a couple of other Halo-themed Fortnite cosmetics including the Unsc Pelican glider and Lil’ Warthog cosmetic could soon be available in-game. 

Fortnite - Master Chief texture datamined from the Kratos Pak Fortnite - Master Chief texture datamined from the Kratos Pak

According to FNBRUnreleased , the Halo x Fortnite collaboration will not end with the Master Chief skin and Halo-themed cosmetics. If the leak turns out legitimate, there will be a Fortnite tournament event with a capture the flag LTM. No further information has been given on the subject. Yet.

The Kratos leak and its subsequent official release lend credence to the Master Chief and Halo cosmetics rumour as well as the capture the flag limited-time game mode.

The new additions, coupled with the Mandalorian skin and everything in between could mean that we are about to have the best Fortnite Season yet. Now we can just wait and see who the next hunter is going to be.

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