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Kratos has landed in Fortnite, so keep your gods and deities inside

Published: 01:18, 04 December 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite and Kratos
Fortnite and Kratos Royale

You know it. We know it. Epic knows it. Those who do not keep an eye on Kratos eventually end up in Scandinavia in an attempt to fix the deity recession.

"Following the final battle of last Season, the Zero Point has become exposed. The danger? The Island’s Characters are now at risk of escaping the Loop. Unable to prevent this alone, Agent Jones has enlisted the help from realities beyond the Loop, including a reality PlayStation fans are well familiar with…", Epic wrote on the PlayStation Blog. 

Kratos' Oathbreaker set is kicking off the new Gaming Legends series, but there's more in terms of Fortnite cosmetics. Namely, those who drop in for a match of Fortnite on PlayStation 5, after purchasing the God of War outfit, automatically get the Armoured Kratos Style in glorious gold. 

Epic's cosmetics team closely followed the God of War narrative, with the other items including the Guardian Shield Glider and the poor (again) dismembered Mimir, whose role is that of the Back Bling. 

Brok and Sindri are on your side as well, as harvesting with the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe harnesses the power of the Leviathan axe. Moreover, the Pickaxe comes with a built-in Emote called the Freezing Burst. 

God of War director and a swell dude all-round Cory Barlog said, "Having Kratos in Fortnite is a mashup that we’ve been talking about for a long time, so it’s especially gratifying to see the collaboration come to fruition! The first thing I’ll do with Kratos in the game is hold hands or maybe go for a moonlit stroll with Mancake. I’m most excited about the Guardian Shield glider, that thing is AWESOME.

Epic Games Fortnite, Kratos gear Fortnite, Kratos gear

I want to give a big thanks to all the devs over at Epic for the incredible job they did realizing Kratos in Fortnite. I’m truly in awe of their talent and passion”, he said. 

You can find the announcement on the PlayStation Blog .

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