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Marvel's Avengers still without a roadmap

Published: 21:18, 16 February 2022
Marvel's Avengers cover
Marvel's Avengers cover

Square Enix released their February development update, and once again, they fell short on the issue of long-term roadmap

In an update released an hour ago, Square Enix yet again failed to produce a long-term plan for the development of Marvel's Avengers. They did share some details on the planned game improvements in the near to medium future.

They recognized that the game system built for the game is not delivering the Super Hero entertainment expected by the community. They started changing that with the last patch with the addition of Shipments, by refining the gear upgrading system, and streamlining the resource economy. There are ongoing works on this issue such as changing the rewards for events like Red Room Takeover and Corrupted Vibranium.

The Shipments system was proven successful at providing another path to cosmetic rewards and the downside of its impact on the Units economy should be fixed with the next patch as Units should be added as additional rewards to many end-game activities.

  What is expected in patch 2.3?

Patch 2.3 is scheduled for release in March this year, and here is a couple of sneak peeks released by the devs.

Nick Fury is set to return to SHIELD to coordinate the future Avengers Initiative missions. This will be a part of War Table rework. There will also be changes to the mission selection, where the goal is to improve the flow for players and make the leveling process smoother. A better-organized mission system should create larger, more concentrated matchmaking pools for higher-level players.

Courtesy of Reddit user DraconicDestiny Wider variety of builds should be available with the 2.3 update Wider variety of builds should be available with the 2.3 update

There will be changes to further balance gear perks by making gear sets earnable through a wider set of play activities to give players more options to hunt for their perfect build. They will continue to experiment with weekly rewards from completing the Omega-Level Threat with extending the per-Hero system to Mega Hives.

Resolving critical bugs like improving raid stability should be prioritized. They promised to share more about their long-term plans as soon as they finalize the development and launch schedules.  

The full announcement can be read here .

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