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Marvel's Avengers boots XP boosts after backlash

Published: 08:10, 03 November 2021
Square Enix
Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix announced that their previous announcement wouldn't materialise in Marvel's Avengers as pretty much everyone hated it.

Marvel's Avengers hasn't been really loved ever since the launch but some fans had hoped the game would get better and more player-friendly over time. 

A recent announcement proved the latter wasn't really the top priority for Crystal Dynamics since they announced paid XP boosters would arrive in the game, even though the team specifically stated pay to win transactions wouldn't be featured during the marketing campaign leading up to the launch.

This was met with immediate backlash as the players called out the developers and publishers, leaving a stain on their reputation for going back on their word. To make matters worse, experience gains in Marvel's Avengers had an experience gains nerf this year, which the players suspected was a build-up for the introduction of the boosters.

All the complaints didn't fall on deaf ears it seems since the game's official Twitter announced the boosters would get removed from the store by the end of November 2, 2021. That's a bout a month after the original announcement and if one would have to hazard a guess, it's possible these microtransactions didn't bring as much revenue as expected, which would be the true reason why they are being removed, in compliance with the players' wishes.

It doesn't seem like the players consider this to be some sort of major victory since the replies to the Twitter thread sound rather disillusioned with the entire state of the game.

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