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Marvel’s Avengers PC-exclusive enhancements powered by Intel

Published: 18:29, 01 September 2020
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Marvel's Avengers water enhancements by Intel

Intel teams up with Crystal Dynamics to for their upcoming Marvel's Avengers game to deliver many graphical enhancements for PC version, which will be available at the launch of the game

For all PC(MR) gamers and fans of the MARVEL universe, the good news is coming. The CPU giant, Intel, has joined forces with Square Enix's Crystal Dynamics studio, which is developing Marvel's Avengers game, to deliver the highest quality game to PC players.

From what we can see in the trailer posted by Intel on their YouTube channel, the additional features that the PC version will have are quite reminiscent of the PhysX engine, back in the days.

What can we expect?!

Debris is flying in all directions, the ruins are falling like real, the smoke from the shockwave has never looked better, the enemy's shield is falling apart into small pieces in a real manner, and the enemies themselves are flying like crazy.

There is also a special improvement of the water simulation, in the sense that Intel optimization frees up resources that can then be used for other purposes, etc. etc. All more realistic than is the case when the settings are Off.

Square Enix marvel's avengers thor pc graphics enhancements debris rubble scifi fight Marvel's Avengers PC-exclusive features

Wow, that's great... what about the PS5/Xbox Series X?

I can't help but wonder if the new generation of consoles will have such features and if they will have the necessary raw power for this job. It's known that Intel is more CPU-oriented, more so than towards their GPUs, but this job that their optimization does help the graphics card by shifting these tasks to CPU power.

Intel smash!

Although we haven’t found out the exact numbers, Intel stated that this is their biggest gaming deal so far, and it’s probably not the last. The contract was signed for two years in which Intel pledged to support the Avengers. (is J.A.R.V.I.S. actually running on... Intel CPU?! :O)

Is this exclusive to Intel processors, or?

The optimization made by Intel is for processors with 4, 8, and 10-cores. Although Intel has developed these enhancements, they are not exclusive to their processors, so AMD fans can be happy that this will work on their machines as well. Yay!

These Intel-designed enhancements for Marvel’s Avengers game are planned to roll out alongside the game as it launches on September 4th.

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