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Magic the Gathering: Arena is an Epic Games Store exclusive

Published: 12:46, 22 August 2019
Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering Arena, digital version of the tabletop TCG
Magic: The Gathering Arena

Wizards of the Coast have announced that the latest digital iteration of their popular trading card game, Magic the Gathering Arena, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, even though it will remain downloadable directly from the website.

Wizards of the Coast broke the news at Gamescom 2019, where they announced their semi-exclusivity deal with Epic along with a Mac version of MTG Arena.

"This winter we'll be partnering with Epic to bring MTG Arena to the Epic Games Store on PC, and shortly after we'll be introducing a Mac version. We'll have more info on both as we get closer to the release dates", they wrote.

Existing users who do not wish to port their game to Epic Games Store's launcher need not worry though, because they can keep accessing the game like they did thus far.

"Nothing changes for anyone currently playing Magic: The Gathering Arena. When MTG Arena launches on the Epic Games Store, it will continue to be available for direct download from Existing players on the Wizards platform will not be required to create Epic accounts", they wrote.

Same goes for duking it out against other players, meaning it doesn't matter whether you download MTG Arena from the website or from the Epic Games Store - it's Magic business as usual.

MTG Arena is still in on PC, and although it's been a while since it started the tweaking phase, Wizards of the Coast claim there's still work to be done.

In regards to MTG Arena's arrival on other platforms, the dev said, "The plan has always been to bring MTG Arena to millions of players around the world. Currently, we're fine-tuning the game during its Open Beta on PC, but bringing the game to the Epic Games Store will be a great first step in taking Magic to new places."

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This shouldn't be surprising though, as was proven in the recent , where Magic the Gathering was deemed "the most computationally complex real-world game known in literature".

You can find Wizards of the Coast's announcement , or head over to Epic's batch

Magic: The Gathering Arena by Wizards of the Coast

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Magic: The Gathering Arena

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