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Mafia developer Hangar 13 are working on a new open-world third person game

Published: 21:01, 04 December 2020
Hangar 13
Exploring the city in Mafia: Definitive Edition
Now THAT is how you do a remake.

According to a leaked contract of developer Hangar13, the studio is working on a brand new, third-person, vast open-world sci-fi title with supernatural elements, similar to Second Son.

It looks like Mafia developers Hangar 13 are currently developing their brand new game. The details about the project are pretty scarce since the title is yet to be officially announced but thanks to the latest contract leak, we have first info about the game, which could be a sci-fi action-adventure.

Apparently, it's a UK contract of Hangar 13, found by Reddit user Oskar182002 .  Based on what is written on the contract, it seems that Hangar 13 are working on three projects at the moment. One of these projects is described as a third-person perspective title with vast open-world.

On top of this, it's mentioned that the game is sci-fi themed and will feature supernatural elements like Sucker Punch Productions' Infamous: Second Son. 

2K Games Mafia: Definitive Edition protagonist Mafia: Definitive Edition

While it's certainly possible that Hangar 13 are working on a brand new IP, until we get an official confirmation from the devs themselves, take this as a rumour and nothing more. 

After so many Mafia games, Hangar 13 are probably keen to work on something different and a brand new IP does make a lot of sense. The studio should have all the creative freedom they want, which could result in some awesome new worlds and stories.

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