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Lost Wing release date announced with a high octane trailer

Published: 13:21, 14 July 2020
2Awesome Studio
Lost Wing
Lost Wing

Lost Wing will blaze in with all of its incredible momentum on July 29, 2020, as PC and consoles will be able to enjoy the fast-paced attempt to survive brutal maps.

PC players already had the opportunity to try out Lost WIng since the game has been in Steam Early Access for three years now but PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users will get to play it at the end of the month. Furthermore, the PC players will finally get the finished version of the product they have been waiting for.

Lost Wing may look like a rhythm game initially since the movement and any gameplay you may have seen, including the trailer below, will definitely look like a well-versed string of movements and manoeuvres that would ordinarily constitute a dance. 

That assumption would be half right since seeing someone not dying miserably is the result of a lot of practice and countless deaths beforehand. All the effort will not be in vain though as the players can display their success on the leaderboards.

Furthermore, the game is bound to induce an adrenaline rush or two, sometimes due to the sheer speed of the ship the players are piloting, other times because of the challenges they are facing.

It's not all about just evading obstacles either since the ship features its own armaments so the players will have to balance their gameplay between flying extremely fast and shooting things up all over the map. Oh, and there are boss fights when you reach the end of a track.

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