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Lost Ark - What is the Main Issue With Game

Published: 06:40, 29 March 2022
Updated: 07:00, 29 March 2022
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Lost Ark

Lost Ark has enjoyed incredible popularity in its western release, with every streamer jumping on the bandwagon, and a lot of players trying out the new MMO on the block. As with any game though, it's bound to have some cons.

With the release of Lost Ark on western servers, the game peaked with more than one million daily players. And, though that number has gone down exponentially, the player base is more than large enough to sustain a game of this caliber.

The player count getting smaller is, for some, even a good thing, as only those that genuinely like the game have remained, weeding out the toxic haters that harassed both the players and the developers daily. Still, there is one thing in this successful game that a lot of the player base agrees on is an issue.

That is, of course, the alternate characters and the reward system tied to them. After finishing the main story arc on your main character, the only real way to progress to the next stages of content is to play with alternate accounts and get the daily and weekly rewards and content the game offers.

The issue is that players created their main characters for a reason. They wish to play with it more than any other, which Lost Ark dissuades with its reward system.

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As it stands now, some parts of the game feel like a chore, and most players are waiting for a whole week to be able to get an hour or two on their main character, before being locked out of the content once again.

The issue stems from the difference in Korean and Western gaming cultures, where Koreans chase the meta, while the West keeps to what they identify with, even if it's not beneficial. With the issue rooted in a core mechanic of the game, it's unlikely that we will see a fix any time soon, if at all.

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