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Lost Ark - What are the New Omen Skins and How to Get Them

Published: 06:57, 16 March 2022
Updated: 07:15, 16 March 2022
Lost Ark - Omen Skin Horses
Lost Ark - Omen Skin Horses

Lost Ark prides itself on the fact that it's not a pay-to-win game. They still have to earn money somehow, so microtransactions targeting cosmetics go all the way.

Lost Ark's March Update introduces the Omen skin collection to the in-game store. This cosmetic skin line will be available in exchange for Royal Crystals until the April Update releases, while the skins themselves have been released on March 10.

As is their namesake, Omen skins are made to portray omens of doom, with all of them being evil-looking in nature. There are six Omen skins available in Lost Ark until the end of March:

  • Ghost Horse
  • Warrior
  • Martial Artist
  • Mage
  • Gunner
  • Assassin

To buy each of these, players will need to part with Royal Crystals, which is a Lost Ark currency that can only be bought with real-life money. For those that intend to buy each and every one, developers are offering a bundle deal.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Warrior Omen Skin Lost Ark - Warrior Omen Skin

The skins themselves are just that, cosmetic upgrades that offer no in-game advantages besides points for flexing, and even then that will be overshadowed by whatever comes out in the April Update.

Still, seeing as these are the first ones being released for the western market, perhaps owning them will become even more valuable in the future, as there will be no way to acquire them ever again if Amazon follow Smilegate's business policies.

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