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Lost Ark - What are the Competitive Ranks called

Published: 07:05, 23 March 2022
Lost Ark - Open-world Battle
Lost Ark - Open-world Battle

Every game has its own way of differentiating between the skill levels of its players. When it comes to Lost Ark, the system is as simple as they come.

Alongside the grades and tiers present in Lost Ark since launch, new Competitive ranks can be achieved. As players increase their Competitive Match Average Score, ranks will be attained as the score thresholds listed below are met.

The ranks players can earn, based on their Competitive Match Average Score are:

  • Grand Master: Top 30 players in the region
  • Master: Top 31 - 100 players in the region
  • Diamond: 2000+
  • Platinum: 1800 - 1999
  • Gold: 1600 - 1799
  • Silver: 1400 - 1599
  • Bronze: 1399 or below

Additionally, the Competitive Match Average Score will decay if a player doesn’t participate in Competitive matches for 2 weeks.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Albion and Argos Lost Ark - Albion and Argos

Similar to existing Proving Grounds modes and other activities with matchmaking, Competitive matches will use region-based matchmaking, alongside using skill-based matchmaking to create balanced games. This will make it so that players competing are as close to each other as possible in skill level as well as ping, due to their geographical location and the importance of ping in Lost Ark PvP.

If you want your name immortalized in Arkesia, then make it to the top 200 players of your region, as each region's top 200 players will be viewable on a Competitive Match Leaderboard in-game!

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