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Lost Ark Season 1 Competitive Proving Grounds starts March 24

Published: 06:56, 23 March 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - PvP
Lost Ark - PvP

What is the point of PvP, if there is no way to lord your supremacy over other players? That's exactly what competitive play is about, and season 1 starts March 24.

One of the most anticipated parts of Lost Ark, and one of the game's main draws, is PvP. And no PvP, in any game, is ever complete when there are no stakes involved, or some leaderboard to conquer.

The wai is over, though, as the Lost Ark Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1 will launch this week, releasing on March 24 in the weekly update. Players will be able to queue solo for the 'Team Deathmatch' mode, battling each other for prestige and rewards.

Winning and losing Competitive matches throughout the season will impact, what the developers call, your 'Competitive Match Average Score'. Your rank is determined by this score, and so are the rewards you receive when the season ends. To participate, players will need to reach Tier 1 in Proving Grounds.

Lost Ark - Valtan Lost Ark - Valtan

The Season 1 of Competitive Proving Grounds will last roughly six months, by developers' estimate.

The rewards tied to the Proving Grounds will stem mostly from the actual gameplay, by accumulating coins and spending them with various vendors, and not from the player's final rank. These rewards will include everything from weekly rewards such as potions and honing materials, to seasonal ones such as items and titles. All in all, the grind will be definitely worth it, and fun simultaneously.

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