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Lost Ark - Season 1 Competitive coming with the next Weekly Update

Published: 07:04, 17 March 2022
Lost Ark - South Vern
Lost Ark - South Vern

The recent message from developers has given us a lot of information to parse through, with some of it discreetly put in such as the launch date of Lost Ark's Season 1 Competitive, among other, more popular nuggets of information.

One of the main draws of Lost Ark for a lot of western players was the promise of its PvP Competitive scene. Though Lost Ark, as an RPG, has an expansive world to explore, with every nook and cranny filled with incredible sights to see and stories to experience, the feeling of dominating your opponents is something that cannot be replaced.

For that reason, waiting for the start of Lost Ark's Season 1 Competitive is something that quite a lot of the player base can recognize amongst themselves. Well, the wait is almost over as Lost Ark's Season 1 of Competitive Proving Grounds will release in next week’s update, developers say.

Amazon Games Lost Ark - Bamboo Island Lost Ark - Bamboo Island

This means that the developers have judged that the game is in a state where it can support a competitive scene, with a lot of early launch problems taken care of, and the player base advanced enough in the game itself that the competitive will not draw them away from other content.

Next month developers will put out a dedicated article for the competitive, explaining the nuance of every option given to players in the western release, as even the competitive scene available today is not the same one that was available in Korea at the game's first release.

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