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Lost Ark Region Transfer will refund players' Twitch Drops

Published: 07:23, 26 February 2022
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Amazon seem to be establishing a trend when it comes to server overloads. Luckily, they have learned this time, and are actively working to incentivise players to move to newly established regions.

Due to the incredible demand from European players, Amazon have opened up another region for these players called Europe West, which launched on February 17.

This region launched with eight starting servers but did not reduce the queue times experienced in Europe Central as much as everyone had hoped.

One of the main reasons for this was the fact that mostly new players were populating these servers, with the already established ones on Europe Central refusing to make the transfer, due to any redeemed, claimed, or acquired items not being able to follow players to the new region. Items that mainly came from Twitch drops.

To combat this Amazon have announced that Europe Central players making the transfer to Europe West will now be able to make use of the items they've gained via Twitch Drops starting March 7, just after the scheduled maintenance.

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A commendable move on Amazon's part, showing that they're doing as much as possible to appease their player base, and hopefully, this will incentivize players into making the transfer and balancing out the long queue times between the two regions.

While some players may say this is too little too late, we remind them that only two weeks have passed since the game was released in the West, and all progress can be redone on the new region, while these items that don't originate from progressing in the game itself will now also be in your possession.

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