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Lost Ark players start a petition regarding new Classes

Published: 07:00, 10 March 2022
Lost Ark -Reaper
Lost Ark -Reaper

It's no secret that the western version of Lost Ark is missing some classes in its roster. Players seem to be unhappy with the class distribution though and wish to influence which ones Amazon will add first.

With the game being out in Korea for so long, it's a given that the Western Release won't have the entirety of the content immediately upon release. Amazon's plan in introducing these classes is very straightforward. Introducing them one by one at various stages of the game's development and in-game progression in the West.

It would appear that the community is not happy with the intended class distribution method, and have started a petition to influence the way Amazon releases the classes in the future.

The petition itself consists of two parts. The first one tries to get Amazon to release the classes as soon as possible, while the other part is a backup in case they refuse. Should this happen, the players ask Amazon to release the most classes they are most interested in playing, before moving on to the less popular ones.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Classes Lost Ark - Classes

Currently, there are 7 missing subclasses in the Western release:

  • Arcana  - Mage Subclass,
  • Artist - Specialist Subclass,
  • Destroyer - Warrior Subclass,
  • Lance Master - Martial Artist Subclass,
  • Reaper - Assassin Subclass,
  • Summoner - Mage Subclass,
  • Scouter- Gunner Subclass.

Of them all, the Lance Master and Scouter subclasses seem to be in the lad as the most popular. Still, it remains to be seen whether Amazon will even entertain the notion.

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