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Lost Ark player count going strong even with Elden Ring release

Published: 07:00, 26 February 2022
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Lost Ark

As it's usually the case, new and shiny things attract MMO players like bees to honey. However, those that expected a new release to halt Lost Ark's momentum we dead wrong.

For an Asian MMO that was released in the West, Lost Ark's success was unexpected, to say the least. We all knew the game was a quality one, after all it had achieved incredible success in Korea. But, the differing gaming cultures between the Asian and Western communities, cast some doubts on its success.

Now, almost two weeks after its release, with the new WoW patch and the release of a long-anticipated MMO, Elden Ring, it was expected that the player number would take a dip. That was certainly not the case. On February 25, Lost Ark peaked at almost nine hundred thousand players, surpassing even the newly released Elden Ring.

Steam Lost Ark - Player Count Lost Ark - Launch Day Player Count

On the Lost Ark subreddit, players have expressed their surprise in seeing that the server queue times have not gone down. On the contrary, with the players and guilds establishing themselves and their playtime, they have only gone up.

Hopefully, this will not pose a problem by itself, as we have witnessed before with Amazon's prior MMO, New World, after all, the current player peak is equal to that of Lost Arks' actual launch day.

The reason for this lies in the fact that Lost Ark is a Free To Play game, with an already established player-base, and not one that was based on pure hype. If you're wondering whether Elden Ring or Lost Ark is worth playing more, the numbers don't lie, and here is your answer.

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