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Lost Ark - No Honing Changes Planned For Valtan

Published: 09:42, 07 April 2022
Lost Ark - Valtan
Lost Ark - Valtan

Not even out, and there are already promises surrounding his difficult to conquer nature. Valtan is sure to be a boss and a half to beat, with the raid being an all-night spectacle to clear.

Valtan will introduce the first Legion Raid into the western version of Lost Ark. Legion Raids are difficult team-based activities that require teamwork to understand and enact the strategy necessary to counter each Legion Commander's unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics.

As Legion Raids are challenging and take time, there are gates, or checkpoints, that will save players' progress as they advance through the Raid. Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid and introduces a swathe of new mechanics. Players will need to be item level 1415, and we'll share more information on Legion Raids when we approach the May Update.

And, though the Boss and the Legion raids he is supposed to kick off in Lost have only been announced recently, he is already being considered as a balancing target by the player base.

Lost Ark - Deskaluda Lost Ark - Deskaluda

SO much so, in fact, that the developers have given out a statement in response saying that they are, currently, not considering any specific buffs regarding mats and resources. AS balance is a work in progress, they have no intention of balancing anything that isn't, well, yet alive in-game.

This makes sense considering that you never know how something will behave until it's placed in a live scenario. Players just want some reassurance that the raid will be worth it, though.

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