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Lost Ark - New Classes to be Released every Two Months

Published: 01:47, 02 June 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark- Graceful Monkey Glaivier Skin
Lost Ark- Graceful Monkey Glaivier Skin

Though at first we were promised a new class every month, Amazon have sound arguments why the new schedule is better for the game in the long term, and we tend to agree.

Amazon are, as they said in their recent roadmap, planning to release one new Advanced Class every two months for the rest of 2022. They have worked with Smilegate RPG to carefully plan out this schedule, they explain, which is, admittedly, still a much faster cadence than other regions as the West catches up.

And while some players may be eager to max out their roster and want them even faster, Class releases build excitement and bring new and returning players into Arkesia. Having a steady flow of content releases that include Advanced Classes during Lost Ark’s first year in the West will help support the long-term health of the game, so in essence, this is as fast as we can expect them to be released.

Lost Ark - Destroyer Lost Ark - Destroyer

While the specific Advanced Class schedule is not set in stone, Amazon confirm that they are planning to release the first 21 Advanced Classes before other new, or future, classes.

the example of the recent two new classes, Glaivier and Destroyer, is the way Amazon intend on deciding which classes come next. Destroyer was always meant to be released with Valtan, to make use of his stagger damage, but the Glaivier was there to fill up the meantime with her versatile playstyle.

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