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Lost Ark May Update Introduces New Guild Activities

Published: 22:53, 12 May 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part
Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part

Up until now, Guilds could have been served better by being named hubs instead. However, the May update is going to change that with the new events coming our way.

While being in a guild has been a helpful source of finding raid groups and providing benefits like the guild shop, new PvE and PvP guild activities will be arriving with the May update. Issue challenges across Arkesia to control guild bases to prove your guild is the best around.

Island Siege is A PvP guild activity that allows you to battle other guilds in PvP combat, which is coming with the May update. Your ranking is determined by how many points you earn from capturing objectives and defeating enemy players. Earn rewards and perks like gems, accessories, ability stones, and more.

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark - PvP Lost Ark - PvP

The Raid Match is an event in which you enter a base with your guild and challenge the powerful Sylmael Devourer. Once summoned, you’ll have limited time to cooperate with your guild and quickly destroy the Sylmael Devourer. The faster you kill, the more you move up in the guild rankings.

If you’re not in a guild yet, time to start searching! You can use the [Alt-U] hotkey or find the guild menu on the list of menus by pressing escape. Once there, if you’re not in a guild, you can browse through and apply! Many awesome Lost Ark content creators also have series of guilds for their communities, so make sure to see if there are guilds for any communities or friend groups you might already be a part of.

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