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Lost Ark May Update - All New Quests and Events In South Vern

Published: 22:37, 12 May 2022
Lost Ark - Vykas
Lost Ark - Vykas

Well, the update is coming in May as promised. Hopefully, it will plug some stuff lacking in the April update, such as Chaos DUngeons and the new Field Bosses.

With the May update, the continent of South Vern will be receiving a multitude of new quests and things to accomplish:

  • Chaos Line Hard Mode,
  • Thunderwings Field Boss,
  • The South Vern Chaos Gate,
  • South Vern Ghost Ship.

In addition, the update will also bring the continent closer to chaos, with the new Chaos dungeons. Something that players have been eagerly waiting for since the announcement of the updates.

Another addition will be the Wild Wings Island. Arkesia is a vast land, filled with a myriad of menacing and sometimes, well, less-menacing threats. Seeking revenge for eating their friends and family, Crispy Golden Chickings are planning to raid the island.

Players turn into a chicken or beer to battle the Chicking boss to earn event coins. The quicker you defeat waves of enemies, the quicker more Chickings appear and the more coins you can earn!

Smilegate Lost Ark - Mango Chamkuri mount Lost Ark - Mango Chamkuri mount

Wild Wings Island is a new event island where players can participate in co-op quests or join solo to help suppress this unique uprising.

This is, obviously, something that does not take itself as seriously as it should, or even could. But, just like the Arkesia Grand Prix, it should serve as a source of positive vibes for the community and the game as a whole!

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