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Lost Ark June Update Release Confirmed Mid June

Published: 01:38, 14 June 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - PvP
Lost Ark - PvP

Lost ARk's June update seems to be going much the same way as the March and April updates. That is unplanned delays and having the update come at the end of the allotted month.

The June Update for Lost Ark is still a relative unknown. After all, the Roadmap contained only the general terms of what we can expect, but not the specifics of any of the new additions:

  • Legion Raid Vykas
  • New Guardian Raid Kungelanium
  • New Dungeon Thronespire
  • New Consumable Yoz's Jar

Due to the botting problem which has plagued the game since its release in the West, there have been some discussions about the June update being delayed.

The community managers on the Lost Ark forums, however, have confirmed that this is not the case, stating:

" We will still have a June update coming roughly mid-June, and don't plan on skipping this - when we are clear to exact dates you will have that info."

Smilegate Lost Ark Lost Ark


Unfortunately, this can mean anything, as the exact date is still unknown. Luckily, it means that the June update will actually go live in June, even if the date is June 30.

This is not the first update that has had this happen. After all, the actual first updates to the game, and the roadmaps accompanying them, were late and delayed the same way. if there is one thing we can count on, then, it is that Amazon will honor the June date to the letter if not spirit, and have the update y the end of the month.

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