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Lost Ark - Glaivier is the New Advanced Class Coming to the Game

Published: 04:46, 05 April 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - New Martial Artist Advanced Class Glaivier
Lost Ark - New Martial Artist Advanced Class Glaivier

Gotta pup those class numbers up. After all, Korean players have access to twenty classes, compared to our own paltry fifteen. A glaive user, Glaivier, is as good a starting point as any.

Practicing an artistic and deadly form of martial arts, the Glaivier slices and dices her way through the battlefield, weaving together attacks with her spear and glaive.

The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets which can be swapped between:

  • Focus, 
  • Flurry.

Each of the stances and skillsets are represented by one of her two weapons. The shorter spear is used to unleash a furious barrage in the Flurry stance, while the longer glaive harnesses the Focus stance for gracefully lethal strikes and sweeping attacks.

While certain builds may focus your attention on one of these weapons, an effective Glaivier can maximize their potential by creating a balance between the two stances, building up energy in one stance which grants an impactful stat-boost when swapping to the other, advise the developers.

Lost Ark - Arcanist Lost Ark - Arcanist

The Glaivier will join the Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker, and Scrapper as the fifth Martial Artist Advanced Class. Which, while interesting, may not be all that balanced, if we take into account class numbers. Currently, the Martial Artist is the Class with the most subclasses tied to it anyway. It begs the question, when will the Mage Class get some love?

We can't deny that the Glaivier looks incredible though.

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