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Lost Ark - General Update With the June Update

Published: 00:42, 30 June 2022
Lost Ark - Thronespire
Lost Ark - Thronespire

The June update is just around the corner, and here are the things we can see changed in the game once it goes live. These are geared to improve quality of life, with the balance update coming later on.

The long-awaited June update has finally arrived to Lost Ark, just one the precipice of not being able to call itself the June update at all. In addition to all the new content we were promised, developers have added some general quality of life changes to the game as well.

They have added Stronghold Research which improves alternate characters’ honing rates on their journey to Item Level 1415. This can be researched at Item Level 1460.

On the issue of bots, Amazon have added a CAPTCHA system as an ongoing bot prevention measure. Sometimes when entering a new zone, you may be asked to submit a text CAPTCHA response within several minutes, which will hopefully cut down on the overflow of bots in the game.

Lost Ark - Kungelanium Lost Ark - Kungelanium


ON a similar note, they have also added preventions to limit gold-seller activity. New store purchases will now have a 3 day waiting period before they can be traded or transferred out of the buyer’s account via mailing, trading, gifting, or selling on the Auction House.

As for other changes concerning the quality of life, Lost Ark now has:

  • Refreshed the daily log-in reward track.
  • Added new settings to change the Damage font size.
  • Chest contents can now be sorted in alphabetical order.

And, to mention as so you don't get confused, developers have also updated some localization text and in-game terminology. For example, Tier 3 honing stones have changed from Guardian Stone Crystals to Crystallized Guardian Stones.

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