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Lost Ark - Europe West players will receive better log-in bonuses

Published: 07:11, 10 March 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part
Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part

As an Asian MMO, consistency is key to progress in Lost Ark. One of the ways to do so is via the daily log-in bonuses, which will receive some changes with the March update.

The March update will add a new track for players to receive daily rewards for logging and claiming on a daily basis. Rewards include a variety of helpful materials, such as honing materials, rapport selection chests, card packs, and much more!

This track will have 25 daily bonuses, alongside additional rewards at the 10, 15, and 20-day thresholds. These rewards will be available until the April Update, developers say.

Europe West will be receiving modified log-in bonuses to help players who moved regions, to catch up. Developers promise to share more information on the official forums soon for Europe West players.

Smilegate Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Europe West was Amazon's answer to the large queue times experienced by players since Lost Ark's launch day. However, even though it could have solved all the issues the game has been experiencing on that front, players have refused to move regions, due to the fear of losing progress and certain bonuses gained on Europe Central.

Luckily, Amazon are aware of this and are actively trying to remedy the situation, and get Europe West, and all its players, up to speed and to the level of the other regions of the Western release. The whole situation could have been avoided by having the region up and active in the first place, but who could have predicted such a meteoric rise of Lost Ark.

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