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Lost Ark Confirmed No Honing Research in June Update

Published: 22:38, 08 June 2022
Lost Ark - Thronespire
Lost Ark - Thronespire

The latest news brought to us by Roxx have dashed the hopes of many a Lost Ark player. Unfortunately, not even the June update will contain the Honing Research.

The June Update for Lost Ark is still a relative unknown. After all, the Roadmap contained only the general terms of what we can expect, but not the specifics of any of the new additions:

  • Legion Raid Vykas
  • New Guardian Raid Kungelanium
  • New Dungeon Thronespire
  • New Consumable Yoz's Jar

When it comes to the mechanics of the game, however, the developers have been even more silent. The reason seems to be their own indecisiveness, as, taught by the too early release of Albion, they are unsure when the right time for 1370+ Honing Research is, and how to best implement it.

Lost Ark - Kungelanium Lost Ark - Kungelanium


"Unfortunately, I have just received word that it will not be included in the June update. The team plans on adding it at some point, but it needs more internal discussion on their end, and don't have a timeline to share yet. We know this is important to players and will keep you all posted," is what Roxx said on the Lost Ark forums, regarding the inquiry.

That means that not even the July update will necessarily contain the honing research players are desperately waiting for, and that all those alt characters will hold on to their 1000+ GHLs for the foreseeable future, at the very least.

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