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Lost Ark - April Update introduces changes to Competitive PvP

Published: 04:25, 02 April 2022
Lost Ark - Destroyer
Lost Ark - Destroyer

The first season of Ranked Competitive in Lost Ark is underway, and developers are diverting from the Korean practices in some cases, while sticking to them in the others.

Season 1 of Competitive Proving Grounds has started, with a large number of players who have entered the Arena, though not without veteran players expressing their concern on how the Ranked Competitions will look like.

While the Season is starting with the original ranking tiers from the Korean version of the game as a baseline, there are some of the changes that Amazon will be implementing to help improve our first competitive PvP season:

  • New players will start their Season at the beginning of the Silver Rank, like they do in the current Korean version of Lost Ark,even though exact MMR numbers will be a bit different. Devs will also grant a 250 MMR bump to assist players who have already started their Season before this was in place, and will be adjusting Season 2’s ranks based on the outcomes of Season 1.
  • Additionally, because of the number of active players in PvP, Amazon are expanding the Master Rank to include up to 200 players. While this change is for high-tier players, there is fierce competition that is already emerging.

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark - PvP Lost Ark - PvP

In the meantime, developers are monitoring all of their channels and will continue listening to community feedback with the team open to being flexible throughout the long Season. As it's something that can elevate Lost Ark to new heights in the West, or break the game entirely, paying great attention to this is paramount!

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