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Lost Ark - April Update Gives no Release Date for the Roadmap

Published: 04:19, 02 April 2022
Lost Ark - Valtan
Lost Ark - Valtan

April is already here, and the roadmap itself was supposed to contain the updates for April and May both. So, what is going on exactly, and when can we expect the roadmap to come to pass?

The roadmap for the April and May content update in Lost Ark was announced a month ago. As usual, players have expected it to be released before any of the mentioned months arrive.

As it stands now, not only has the roadmap not been released, but it seems the developers don't have an intention of doing so any time soon.

" It will not share every change or include every event, issue fix, or quality life improvement included in weekly updates throughout those months. It is possible that it may even change based on both data and feedback that we receive", stated the developers in their April update.

Evidently, the roadmap will take some time to be released. Enough time, for some more weekly updates to come out, as well as the time for players to give their feedback to the developers themselves.

Lost Ark - Kungelanium Lost Ark - Kungelanium

What the exact amount of time that is, we don't know, but considering it's April already, any amount of time is a lot. It doesn't really inspire confidence in the developers themselves, especially with the rumors about the inevitable death of the circulating.

And, though it's far from the truth, as Lost Ark has an incredibly healthy player base, developer indifference has ruined far more promising games than Lost Ark, before.

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