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Lost Ark April 7 Weekly Update Server Status

Published: 12:02, 07 April 2022
Lost Ark -Reaper
Lost Ark -Reaper

The time of the weekly update is here, and with that, so is the time for servers to go down at their schedule, and for us to rant about it, like every week.

Developers stated that all Lost Ark servers and regions will be coming down at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST for the April 7, regular weekly maintenance and update. Downtime is estimated to last up to 4 hours, and this patch will include the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from loading into Ancient Elveria during Ealyn’s “Time to Heal” rapport quest
  • Fixed an issue where all Metallurgy and Tailoring books were marked as Tier 3 when exchanging with Winter Illusion vendor Mio
  • Fixed an issue where unintended characters could be used in chat.

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark - PvP Lost Ark - PvP

Aside from these changes, the weekly update also updates the PvP ranked tiers. For those of you wary about the fact that the in-game tooltip states that the ranks update at 11 AM every Thursday, fear not. They are actually updated a few hours after the scheduled maintenance, on Thursday. So, you will have to wait a few hours more, but at least you won't lose your hard-earned progress.

As for the servers themselves, developers promise to put out an announcement regarding the availability of the servers, after they've finished with the necessary updates. Though, based on last week's server downtime, it may prove to be closer to the full 4-hour mark, rather than anything else.

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